Wednesday, November 5, 2014


There will be more people attending and watching NFL football games this Sunday than the total number who went to vote on Election Day. There will be more people who will get up at the crack of dawn and go shopping on “black Friday” than those who got up and voted. This is the new reality we live in America. Americans much rather enjoy their entertainment and spend money they do not have than go do the one deed that the founders fought so hard to establish. Voting is, or should I say was, the most American thing one could do. We wake up every day in the greatest country known to man and we have a choice regarding who represents us to keep it that way. But we have swayed so much off the beaten path that voting is considered a waste of time because of the system of political parties that are in place. Many people simply do not vote because they feel all politicians are the same and do nothing to represent them. Unfortunately this logic is what political parties want you believe. Low voter turnout paired with political party followers who do vote are the deciding factor in modern elections. I am here to tell you that if you do not vote you are doing more bad than good.

“Voting is a waste of time” is a common answer I get when I ask my fellow citizens if they voted. Their reasoning is sound when you consider political parties have been the downfall to our system for a long time now. But what gets me is the lack of understanding people have when it comes to voting. They are brainwashed into thinking they only have two choices. They believe that when they go to the ballot box they are forced to choose a ‘D’ or an ‘R’. But it makes sense when you consider the commercials and advertising is all focused around two people that continually bash one another. Millions of dollars from big corporations and rich donors are poured into the two party candidates. What people are missing is the exposure of the so called “third party” candidates who are also running for election and whose names will be on the ballot. These candidates are everyday people like the rest of us. They are not mega rich elites who are backed by a big corporation with their own interests. They work normal jobs and live normal lives. They run because they are like the rest of us and want to change things to better us, not corporations and governments. 

I have given up on the two party system years ago. I have always supported a “third party” candidate and will continue to do so as long as I can get out and vote. But it amazes me that those that vote with the status quo view me as an enemy. Both sides hate me because I am supposedly taking away votes from their candidate. I do not vote a “third party” candidate because I am trying to sway an election. I choose not to vote for someone who is the lesser of two evils. I used to be a Republican, but since the Republican Party has shifted away from their Conservative roots, they are no different than the Democrats they run against. Essentially both parties are the same and share a common interest in being in it for themselves and their corporate donors. They have no interest in helping us little people who continue to lose on a daily basis. I have supported Libertarian candidates for many years now. Again, the Libertarians share my beliefs and I vote for them for that reason, not to take votes away from either of the two party candidates. Do I support everything a Libertarian candidate may represent? Of course not, but at least they stick to their beliefs and not change because some big money donor influences their interests. The same goes for other “third party” candidates. I do not support the Green party because they tend to be very left swing socialist for my taste, but I respect someone who votes for them over some two party sellout. 

I cannot tell someone they have a duty to go out and vote (even though they do). But I will do my best to educate people on the election process and to show they truly do have a choice. There are a lot of good people who run for election that consider it a blessing to even get a few thousand votes when it is all said and done. But it is us that can give them the votes to win. The average American adult male can name most of the players on their favorite football team, but not be able to name all of the candidates on their town’s ballot. They know their team because they watch it every weekend. So how do we get them to know their candidates? Well they should use the power of the internet, but unfortunately that may not strike their interest. I fault the media for this problem more than anything. They focus on the big name candidates and constantly air their commercials, yet leave out the good guys. I hope someday our own law makers can change our election system to be fair for all candidates. A system where there is a cap on the amount of money each candidate has, or better yet equal share amongst all. A system where debates are required whereby all candidates have an equal say on their goals. Where they can sell themselves to the American voters. A system where no matter how rich a candidate is or how much corporate interest they may spark, they have no more of an advantage over anyone else. But for now it is up to us to find the good guys on our own. Unfortunately as we are forced to continue to do that the two party system will continue to dominate.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Copf*cks Strike Again


Well another day another shooting of an unarmed man by a copf*ck. I am very vocal about my hatred of law enforcement. I do not have anything against the individual person. As a matter of fact I have found most cops that are in normal dress attire and "off duty" to be decent people. The problem is once that uniform is on and they are doing their "duty" their personal side completely disappears. Now I can also admit there are some good cops in uniform that do good deeds, but for the most part cops are power hungry, crooked, macho wannabe soldiers. Their job title gives them almost any kind of power they desire. They can pull anyone over for any reason at anytime. On top of that they can give you a ticket for almost any number of laws at their disposal. To make matters worse they can make any attempt to violate your 4th Amendment rights by demanding a search of your vehicle. They can violate your 5th Amendment rights by demanding identification or face arrest. Essentially with todays police presence everyone is capable of being a criminal and if an officer sees fit to carry out his "duty" he will be sure to get you.

Not wearing a seatbelt? Well you could be shot by a copf*ck on the spot! Some people are defending this officer saying the individual should not have gotten out of his vehicle. Just to clear things up this guy was out of his vehicle before the cop even showed up the scene. He was not being pulled over he was already parked. Furthermore, he went into his vehicle to get his ID after the cop asked him to do so. So are we now supposed to put our hands up every time a cop stops us. They say it is good practice to place your hands on the steering wheel when a cop stops you, but it is not law and no one is forced to do so. Finally, this man was black and the cop was white. It is no coincidence that this occurred the way it did since white cop on black citizen shootings are getting worse. This man was by no means a thug. He was very polite even after he was shot. He has a job and what appears to live a normal live of an every day American. He handled himself very well. I can't say I would do the same and if armed I most likely would have shot back at the cop in sheer self defense.

This cop deserves to not only lose his job but also become a felon and serve time for attempted murder. No one is above the law and that includes cops. Until the next incident...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

No one needs a sniper rifle to kill a deeyaah!!

And Then They Came For The Bolt-Actions

So some dude goes and takes out a couple cop fucks with a bolt action rifle and now there is a call for restrictions on them. These so called "sniper rifles" are dangerous and as such should be heavily restricted from "civilian" use. Lets completely disregard the fact that rifles are used in less than 700 murders a year. Ironically that figure includes "assault rifles" which the AK-47 falls under, a rifle this dude ditched as he went into hiding. No one needs a sniper rifle to kill a deeyaah...end the madness now!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Those Tax Dollars Pay...

We live in a country where working class people are forced to pay taxes. Those tax dollars pay....
...politicians to pass mostly nonsensical laws that only serve a purpose to suck money out of us
...police to enforce those useless laws "for the people" attorney that works for "us" to prosecute the "law-breakers"
...a government appointed attorney to defend the "law-breakers"
...a judge to carry out the "due process of law" - aka pay your fines or else "rehabilitate" someone sent to jail for "breaking the law"
...benefits to the "law-breakers" when they get out of jail because they can't find a job

You see the term "We the People" really does mean something. We bitch everyday about high taxes and fines "they" force "us" to pay, yet we are the only ones that can stop it. By simply not paying our taxes we will bring this corrupt system to its knees. It only takes 10% of the middle class to accomplish this. Will you sacrifice what you have to do it?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day

Out of all of the holidays we have in America, Labor Day is one that only certain people should be allowed to celebrate. This holiday is for us working class people who get up at the same time every morning and work 8+ hours to earn a pay check. It is for the elders who worked 40 years to be able to enjoy the last days of their life in retirement. For the college kids who are going into debt so they can join the rest of us working class after they graduate. For the parents who are raising their young with the work ethic they have so they too can enjoy life in the future.

Those that have no right to sit down at a barbecue and celebrate this day are the ones who do not work for what they have. Those that have children without a solid source of income and expect the taxpayers to take the burden. Those that scam disability because they are too lazy to want to work. Those that feed off the backs of others who have to go out and work everyday.

So for those of you who work hard for what you have - take a break and enjoy the day. Happy Labor day!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Scenario: Lights Out!

It is the middle of winter in the north east and things are looking bad economically. You just faced the grocery store scenario (below) and return home to gather your family and find food so they can eat. After a while the electricity just goes out. You try to call the service provider, but the phone lines are also down. Your heating service depends on the electricity to run and you are now faced with the problem of freezing to death. With no one to answer to this problem, you are now in a situation of life and death. What now?

When chaos hits the first thing to go are the municipalities that we depend on in our daily lives. These include electricity, water (city), gas, and telephone (including Cellular). These municipalities are run by a workforce that may strike. The company who provides the service may be forced to shut down because of economic issues. We depend on electricity so much that we never sit back and think about the consequences of not having. Forget the fact that our televisions, computers, and other electronic gadgets become pretty useless. You should be focusing on the more serious consequences such as having no ability to heat your home and keep your food items from spoiling. The overall solution to this problem is to be prepared to live without power for the long term. It can be done with some adjustments to your lifestyle. The electronic gadgets we have come to depend on may become simple bricks, but you can still live life and keep your family safe. Below are the steps to take to be prepared if you lose electricity.

Generator (short term): A generator is an obvious solution for power outages, but only temporary. Generators depend on fuel to run and the availability of fuel is very questionable when chaos hits. You can keep fuel on reserve, but such fuels like gasoline cannot be stored long. I suggest a diesel generator for a lot of reasons. Diesel can be stored for a long period of time. Most diesel generators can also be converted to run bio-diesel and even vegetable oil. Older diesel generators can even burn used motor oil and basically any other kind of oil. Even with a diesel, generators can only last for so long with the fuel available. I suggest only using a generator certain times of the day to run a refrigerator. Running a generator all day so you can operate a television and computer is simply wasteful.

Solar (long term): For less than $10,000 you can get yourself a decent solar panel kit which includes panels, charge controller, and inverter. These units will not power a whole house, but will provide enough juice to run a small refrigerator and other appliances that only need temporary electricity. For more money you can also get batteries to store the electricity so you can use it at night. Batteries do only last so long though. Solar panels themselves are good for at least a decade if taken care of well.

Woodstove (Heat): The problem with oil furnaces/boilers is that they require electricity to operate. They also require fuel, which again the availability of is questionable when chaos hits (see the scenario for that). A woodstove is a very standard and economic form of heat. If you own enough land you can get the wood every year and season it for use during the winter months. You are always guaranteed to have heat with a woodstove, with or without power.

Essential Items: Candles are nice to have around. You can buy candles in bulk. Lanterns are also nice, but most require fuel. Crank flashlights are very nice. You can be creative and get lights that are powered by such things as riding an indoor pedal bike. There are a variety of solar powered items such as radios and small televisions. Laptop computers are much more economical with power and can be used with a decent solar panel kit mentioned above.

Life can go on without electricity just as long as people are prepared for it. We should not take things like electricity for granted at all. It is worth the investing in items that make it easier to live off the grid.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Scenario: No food here!

Imagine yourself being in a future scenario for one moment. Things are looking bad across the country. The stock market has all but crashed, inflation has hit hard, gas prices are $10 a gallon, and food is becoming a hard commodity to get. You decide to visit the local grocery store to try to buy up some emergency essentials, such as water. When you get to the store you find a mob of people surrounded by police officers. As you approach closer you find that the grocery store has no more food left. Whatever food was left was taken by a rush of hungry and desperate people. The police have since squashed the riot, but many angry people are still questioning why the grocery store has no food. This appears to be the case throughout the area as other grocery stores have no food. You ask others around you, what is going on here? There is no clear answer, but it appears that the trucks never delivered the food because of some kind of strike by the drivers. The situation does not look good, especially for you since you have no food or water on hand. You and others start to wonder if there will ever be food delivered with all that is going on. What now?

The obvious solution to this scenario is to be prepared in advanced for any situation that arises like this. We depend so much on grocery stores that if one were to just not have any more food left on the shelf, people would literally riot. When chaos arises, the grocery store is the first place to be hit because it contains the essential item needed by everyone, food. I stress (and have been stressing) to keep stock piling food. Categorize your food into three sections – short term, medium term, and long term. Date all your items and continuously rotate with your standard food stock, especially for the short term foods. Below are some examples of food items in each category:

Short Term (6 months): Meats (frozen), breads (frozen), vegetables & fruits (not canned/sealed), condiments, cereals.

Medium Term (1-2 Years): Canned meats/vegetables/fruits, frozen fruits/vegetables/meats, pastas.

Long Term (2-10 Years): Sealed white rice, sealed flour, sealed sugar, MREs, dried & sealed meats (jerky), dried & sealed fruits/vegetables.

Food is not meant to be stored forever, so as you can see the longer you store it the less options you have. For the short and medium term foods, there are some that assume you have refrigeration (power). If you are in the winter months, then storing foods outside is also possible. Without any form of refrigeration, a lot of the above mentioned foods will spoil fast. The long term foods require a bit of work to store, unless of course you just buy MREs, which can be pricey. Investing in a nice dehumidifier and food sealer is not a bad idea. Learning how to can is also a good idea, especially if you have a garden and produce a lot of fruits and vegetables.

I hope your eyes are open after the above scenario. Having food stored is a real important thing for survival. Keep in mind food only lasts so long and to continue to survive, hunting is also essential. I will post more blogs on food storage and hunting in the future. For the time being, get to the store and start buying extra food. Find a nice dry place and start storing it.